Pai Boat Composites was originally conceived to be an active player and an integral part of the elaborate and fascinating creative process behind creating a yacht like a piece of art.

It does this by taking care of the boat’s surface – what gives the boat its shape, momentum and light. To this end, Pai Boat Composites develops and produces specific polishing pastes and the fastest polishing systems.

Building on its many years of experience and expertise acquired in the marine sector, Pai Boat Composites has broadened its offerings by providing solutions to the wider field of general composites, servicing manufacturers in the transportation, sanitary, wind and renewable energy, architectural, sports equipment and carbon industries, to name just a few.

Pai Boat Composites is a division of Pai Cristal Italia, a multinational company that maintains its Italian heritage of quality. Pai Cristal specialises in the development and production of polishing processes, products and surface treatments. It is a global player in the eyewear, fashion accessories finishing, automotive and composites sectors. Pai Cristal Italia has always remained devoted to its customers, suppliers and friends since its inception in 1965.