Composite materials are extremely widespread in various application fields, thanks to their winning features, which make them more preferable to other options. Pai Boat Composites offers its support and solutions for the finishing of such materials, with a complete line of abrasive products and specific polishing processes.

In fact, over the years Pai Boat Composites has been striving to carefully study market requirements and meet customers’ needs by investing in research and development as well as co-operating with important companies in the sector and involving end users in the field-testing. The outcome has been real solutions for boat manufactures, for producers of components for the transportation industry (automotive, RV and caravan, truck, train, bus), for the sanitary industry (shower tray, bathtub, washbasin) as well as for manufacturers of swimming pools, architectural and artistic elements and sport equipment.

Specific abrasive pastes, polishing compounds and accessories, which are easy to use, fast and effective and allow polishing GRP parts as well as lacquered surfaces and epoxy.

Whether as a result of hand layup or RTM process, whether it has fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon as reinforcement, the composite part is the arrival point of a long and sophisticated production plan. Pai Boat Composites supports its customer so that the polishing process – crucial and final touch of a whole project – is fruitful and the end product bright like a piece of art.


24 April 2023