The plug and the mould are the crucial starting point to obtain a good final product, which does not require too many corrective actions.

For this reason, Pai Boat Composites has been studying the different types of surface and hardness as well as the peculiarities of each gelcoat or coating applied, with the purpose of providing a tailor-made process, which guarantees excellent results in short time, with the lowest possible material consumption.

There is not a surface identical to another, each one has its own features. The plug, for instance, can be sealed with either a gelcoat or a primer, which in turn may be either polyester or vinyl ester based. In mould production, vinyl ester gelcoat is usually preferred over the standard polyester one, normally used for moulded parts. It is commonly known that tooling gelcoat is significantly harder, so it is difficult to polish it effectively with a generic polishing compound.

These and similar cases have been analysed by Pai Boat Composites, in co-operation with leader companies in diverse composites application fields: from marine and automotive to the sanitary industry and the wind one, from swimming pools to architectural elements, up to sport equipment. The outcome has been a selection of specific products, with top performance, which can reduce the polishing time and provide outstanding results.


24 April 2023