Pai Boat Composites division was born in the shipyard: the Italian luxury yacht is the starting point. In co-operation with the main leader companies in the marine sector, our Research and Development department has created specific formulations for each and every production situation.

In this way, polishing compounds have been developed for the surface finishing of both new plugs and moulds and their maintenance, demoulding after demoulding. Effective and time-based polishing processes have been implementing for the final product: the boat.

The accurate analysis of the different hardness of resins as well as the peculiarities of each type of gelcoats has been the heart of a rigorous study, with the main goal of realizing fruitful polishing processes, which could guarantee a reduction of labour costs (time, material), whereas an increase of perceived quality.

The yacht as a piece of art finds in Pai Boat Composites its own crucial and bright final touch.


24 April 2023